Today, the Indian economy is growing by leaps and bounds. In order to facilitate the rapid strides of growth, proper infrastructure is a necessity. One of the most important infrastructure facilities required is that of efficient and affordable transportation. Consequently, the development of roads plays a vital role in sustaining the growth of the economy.
  Shri J.A.Gandhi, Managing Director  
  Shri J A Gandhi  
Managing Director
Development of superior infrastructure facilities requires colossal investments and the gestation period is also long for returns to be realized on investments. Due to these limitations, private funds may not be forthcoming in a big way to invest in the infrastructure sector. In such a scenario, the role of the Government assumes a lot of significance. However, the Government also has its own problems when it comes to financing such huge projects.
Therefore, the pace of infrastructure development may not keep up with the pace of the overall development in other sectors of the economy. This tends to adversely affect growth which otherwise could have been all the more rapid and impressive.
The solution to this problem lies in attracting private investment in the infrastructure sector besides the projects undertaken by the Government, which will greatly reduce the dependence on budgetary allocations. It is in this context that Gujarat State Road Development Corporation Limited was incorporated in May 1999 to give shape to the vision of superior road infrastructure in the State of Gujarat.
Gujarat is the first state in India to have evolved a comprehensive GIDB Act, 1999 governing Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) transaction and such other arrangements of private sector participation in infrastructure projects. In order to give thrust to infrastructure development in the state, Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board (GIDB) has come out with "Gujarat Infrastructure Agenda – Vision 2010" which is a comprehensive plan envisaging an investment of Rs. 116993 crores in various infrastructure sectors of the State. Out of this, the planned outlay for the road infrastructure is Rs. 19951 crores. For other Details :
Gujarat has been always pioneer in adapting news concepts under BOT Scheme and there are number of projects already completed successfully. Gujarat State Road Development Corporation Limited intends to develop 8 road projects under Public Private Partnership. GSRDC seeks participation from private operators for the said projects to provide superior quality road infrastructure at competitive prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

As defined in the Concession Agreement signed for the particular Road Project. Generally it includes passenger cars only of an individual residing within defined range of Toll Plazas. Detail information and passes for Local Traffic can be availed from Toll Plaza.

A Board carrying Toll Notification is fixed on the Toll Plaza of the Project Highway. In addition to this, Toll Notification can be found on Website of GSRDC ( for the Road Projects undertaken on PPP mode by GSRDC.

List of exempted vehicles for a particular section of highway is as per User Fee Notification of that section of highway. User Fee Notifications for Roads developed by GSRDC on PPP Mode is available on this website.

The exclusive right, license and authority during the subsistence of a Concession Agreement to construct, operate & maintain the Project for a specified period of time.

The Period of time during which a Concession is granted is known as Concession Period. It means the period beginning from the Appointed Date and ending on the Termination Date.