Sr.No District Taluka SH No. Toll Plaza No./Name Toll Plaza Location Section/Stretch
1 અમદાવાદ સાણંદ 17
2 બનાસકાંઠા ડીસા 7 Km. 144+500 Deesa-Kansari/(12+00 Km)
3 બનાસકાંઠા ધાનેરા 7 Km. 170+600 Kansari-Panthawada-Gundari/(32+320 Km)
4 જામનગર ધ્રોલ 25 Km. 58+325 Dhrol-Jamnagar Bypass Start/(28+600 Km)
5 જામનગર જામનગર ગ્રામ્ય 25 Km. 110+427 Jamnagar Bypass-Vadinar Approach/(50+750 Km)
6 કચ્છ ભૂજ 42 Km. 22+400 Bhuj-Desalpar/(20+000 Km)
7 કચ્છ નખત્રાણા 42 Km. 44+600 Desalpar-Nakhatrana/(25+000 Km)
8 કચ્છ ભૂજ 42 Km. 12+000 Bhuj-Dhamadaka/(55+500 Km)
9 પંચમહાલ શેહરા 5 Km. 401+500 Godhra-Lunawada/(42+560 Km)
10 રાજકોટ રાજકોટ 25 Km. 29+440 Rajkot-Dhrol/(52+300 Km)
11 મોરબી માળીયા 7 Km. 180+345 Halvad-Maliya/(40+065 Km)
12 અરવલ્લી માલપુર 5 Km. 447+000 Lunawada-Modasa/(57+040 Km)
13 અરવલ્લી મોડાસા 5 Km. 472+200 Modasa-Shamlaji/29+200 Km
14 સાબરકાંઠા હિંમતનગર 9 Km. 3+500 Himmatnagar-Idar-Khedbrahma-Ambaji/8+700 Km)
15 સુરત માંગરોલ 65 Km. 17+000 Kim-Tadkeshwar/-
16 સુરત માંડવી 65 Km. 29+000 Tadkeshwar-Mandvi/26+600
17 સુરેન્દ્રનગર ધાંગધ્રા 7 Km. 133+388 Dhrangadhra-Halvad/(26+138 Km)
18 પંચમહાલ ક઼ાલોલ 5 Km. 356+000 Halol-Godhra/(44+260 Km)

Frequently Asked Questions

As defined in the Concession Agreement signed for the particular Road Project. Generally it includes passenger cars only of an individual residing within defined range of Toll Plazas. Detail information and passes for Local Traffic can be availed from Toll Plaza.

A Board carrying Toll Notification is fixed on the Toll Plaza of the Project Highway. In addition to this, Toll Notification can be found on Website of GSRDC ( for the Road Projects undertaken on PPP mode by GSRDC.

List of exempted vehicles for a particular section of highway is as per User Fee Notification of that section of highway. User Fee Notifications for Roads developed by GSRDC on PPP Mode is available on this website.

The exclusive right, license and authority during the subsistence of a Concession Agreement to construct, operate & maintain the Project for a specified period of time.

The Period of time during which a Concession is granted is known as Concession Period. It means the period beginning from the Appointed Date and ending on the Termination Date.